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Single Crochet Border Tutorial

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to single crochet a border on a blanket. A single crochet border is easy and quick to make as you’re only making one stitch.

So it’s perfect for beginners looking to make their first border on a crochet project. If you want to spice it up a bit, then you might enjoy this crab stitch border which is made using a reverse single crochet stitch.

A crochet washcloth with a single crochet border on a wooden circular plank.

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Either way, you’ll have a really cute edging on your blanket! Alright, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to add a crochet border to a blanket.

Single Crochet Border

I love adding borders to my crochet projects because I often find that it adds the perfect finishing touch. It’s especially great if you want your edges to look a little neater.

For example, some stitches can look a little wavy on the ends and so to get it a bit straighter you can either block it or make a border. More often than not, I find myself making a simple single crochet border.

If I want a little bit of a fancier edging, all crochet the picot stitch border.

A single crochet border on a crochet washcloth.

So what do you need to know to make a single crochet border? All you need to know to make this border is a single crochet stitch and you also need to know where to make the stitches on your project.

This can sometimes be a little hard to see, especially on the sides, but here are some tips to help in making a straight neat edge.

Crochet Border Tips: Straight Edges

  • Stitch markers. I place a stitch marker in every corner before I start my border. This way it’s easier for me to see which stitch was last/first in every corner. It might seem silly, but I find it really helpful with more complicated stitch patterns.
  • Large Crochet Hook. In order to keep my border neat, I sometimes like to use a larger crochet hook when crocheting my border. I find that it really helps my stitches look even!
  • Add an extra stitch. When in doubt, add an extra stitch. If I see that my work is pulling or it’s rounding on the side, I like to add an extra stitch. You can also add a chain within a single crochet stitch when working the corner stitches (sc, ch, sc).

And those are some of my tips for making a crochet border. If you have some tips and would like to share them, make sure to leave them in the comment section.

A single crochet border on a crochet baby blanket.

This free crochet baby blanket pattern has a single crochet border.

Materials You Will Need to Make This Stitch

Since this is just a practice swatch, there’s not much that you need. But here are the things that I used for this border tutorial.

Alright, let’s get started!

Single Crochet Border Tutorial

Step 1: Insert your hook into the last stitch of your last row, and make a single crochet.

If you’re using a different color, reattach your yarn to the last stitch of your last row, chain 1, and make a single crochet in the same stitch you attached your yarn to.

Note – to make a single crochet: Insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull through, yarn over and pull through last two loops on hook.

A single crochet stitch is added to a blanket to make a border.

Step 2: Then continue to make 1 single crochet in each stitch across the row.

A single crochet edging on a crochet border.

Step 3: Once you have finished one side and you’ve reached a corner, make 2 single crochets.

Note – if you find that your corner is rounding or looks tight, make a chain within the 2 single crochets (sc, ch, sc).

Adding two single crochets in the corner for your border.

Step 3: Continue making a single crochet in each stitch on the side of your work.

Make sure you’re putting just one stitch per row when working on the sides of your crochet project.

A completed single crochet border around a washcloth.

Now continue to repeat this sequence all the way around your crochet project. Once you have finished your border, slip stitch to the first stitch.

And that’s it, you’re finished! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and don’t forget to save this post for future reference.

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Single Crochet Border Tutorial