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How to Crochet the Suzette Stitch – Step by Step Tutorial

Learn how to crochet the suzette stitch using this step by step photo and video tutorial. The suzette stitch is an easy crochet stitch to learn.

The suzette stitch (also known as the lemon peel stitch) is a really easy crochet stitch to learn. To find out how to crochet the suzette stitch, scroll down to the bottom.

A step by step photo and video tutorial is provided on how to crochet the suzette stitch. A fun project is coming soon on this fun and easy stitch!

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learn how to crochet the suzette stitch with this step by step tutorial

The suzette crochet stitch is the perfect stitch to add to your crochet stitch library. Its a really fun and easy stitch that you’ll pick up in no time!

The suzette crochet stitch has been on my list to make for the longest time. I just had so many other crochet projects that I was working on that I just didn’t get the chance. Like, I just posted the mini crochet hearts tutorial on the blog.

So when I got an unexpected day off from work, I just knew that I had to try the suzette stitch. Anyhow, so you’re probably thinking “that’s great” but what can I make with this stitch?

I’m so glad that you asked! I’ve listed some ideas down below.

Crochet Project Ideas with the Suzette Stitch

Do you need some crochet project ideas with this stitch? Well, here’s a quick list of some crochet ideas with the suzette stitch.

Let me know down below if you decide to make anything with this crochet stitch. I always love hearing crochet design ideas 🙂 Anyhow, I’ve seen a lot of different crochet baby blankets and washcloths with the suzette stitch.

I’m currently making a cute blanket with this stitch as well. Its a very fun and relaxing stitch. Something you can crochet while watching your favorite movie! Plus, all you’re doing is alternating single crochet and double crochet.

What Yarn is Best for the Suzette Stitch?

From my personal experience, I think any yarn will work for this stitch. I’m always a fan of cotton, because I love the look it gives a stitch. However, I did make a few swatches with different yarns and they all came out good.

Of course, it does depend on what you want to make. But, overall any yarn will work.

Alright, let’s jump in to this tutorial!  If you have any questions on crocheting the suzette stitch, make sure to leave them down below!

learn how to crochet the suzette stitch

Stitches You Need to Know:

  • chain (explanation + video tutorial can be found here)
  • single crochet (explanation + video tutorial can be found here)
  • double crochet (explanation + video tutorial can be found here)


ch – chain

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

st – stitch

Let’s Get Started!

Chain in multiples of 2

R1: In 2nd ch from hook, (1sc,1dc) in same chain. Skip next ch, *(1sc,1dc) in next ch, skip 1 ch. Repeat from * till last two ch. skip next ch, sc in last ch.

turn your work

R2: ch 1 , (1sc, 1dc) in first stitch , skip 1 st. *(1sc,1dc) in next st, skip 1 st. Repeat from * till last two st. skip next st, sc in last st.

Repeat row 2 till you have reached your desired length.

Video Tutorial: The Suzette Stitch

Photo Tutorial Guide: The Suzette Stitch

1 : chain a multiple of 2

2: alternate between single and double crochet

how to crochet the suzette stitch

And that’s how you crochet the suzette stitch!

Super easy right? 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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a step by step tutorial for the suzette stitch, how to crochet the suzette stitch