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Quick Crochet Housewarming Gift Ideas – Free Patterns

In need of a quick crochet housewarming gift for a loved one? Look no further, this quick list of 10 free crochet patterns for the home will give you plenty of ideas on what to make.

These free crochet housewarming patterns are easy + fast to make and most include a guided video tutorial. Check out the list down below or take a look at the table of contents to find the best crochet gift idea!

10 free crochet pattern gift ideas for the home

Fast Crochet Housewarming Gift Ideas to Make

This quick crochet list will provide you with some fun + fast pattern ideas to make for a new homeowner. You can make one of these projects or make multiple and create a cute housewarming crochet gift basket.

Maybe add a cookbook or some measuring spoons and tie up the basket with some clear wrap and twine.

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Last Minute Crochet Gifts for Everyone

One thing that I love about these home decor patterns is that a lot of these crochet projects can be made last minute. The majority of these crochet patterns are 1-day projects, so it makes it very quick + easy.

You can probably crochet quite a few of these in just a few hours. Another great thing about this housewarming list is that these crochet patterns are perfect for everyone.

So I hope you enjoy going through this list and let me know in the comments down below what you end up making for your crochet housewarming gift!

1. Modern Double Thick Crochet Potholders

Crochet potholder for your kitchen with measuring spoons on top and a tea towel

Crochet a set of double-thick potholders and add some wooden spoons for the cutest housewarming gift! These cotton potholders are made using basic crochet stitches and work up in 1 hour.

This pattern also includes step-by-step photos and a helpful video tutorial.

Tip: Add some stripes or add their initials by surface crocheting.

Free Pattern Link + Guided Video Tutorial: Modern Double Crochet Potholder

2. Rustic Cotton Dishcloths

free rustic cotton crochet dishcloth pattern

Add a little charm to your crochet gift basket with these adorable rustic crochet dishcloths. These dishcloths are made using 2 different stitches and can be made in 30 minutes!

You can make separate sets for the kitchen, bathroom, and mudroom.

Free Pattern Link + Guided Video Tutorial: Rustic Cotton Dishcloth

3. Crochet Spiral Hot Pads

double thick cotton crochet hot pads are on a top of a cook book and tied together with twine

This would make such a cute housewarming gift! These double-thick round hot pads work up very quickly and it even includes a helpful video tutorial.

Add a cookbook with some twine and you’ve got yourself the cutest homemade gift.

Free Pattern Link + Guided Video Tutorial: Crochet Spiral Hot Pads

4. Chunky Crochet Pillow

a chunky crochet pillow with pom-poms on a white ikea comforter

Know someone who could use some cute pillows for their new home? This would make a really cute housewarming gift for the new homeowner.

This pattern is made by sewing a crochet square onto a pillow insert. This pillow is quick to make and it’s machine washable.

Tip: Find out their favorite color and make the pillow in that color.

Free Pattern Link + Guided Video Tutorial: Crochet Chunky Pillow

5. Farmhouse Crochet Pillow

farmhouse crochet pillow that is made with the suzette stitch

Need another pillow idea? This farmhouse-style pillow is made using an easy one-stitch repeat! It would look good in so many spaces. Plus, who doesn’t love a handmade pillow?

Tip: Add a custom embellishment tag with the initials of the new homeowner.

Free Pattern Link + Guided Video Tutorial: Farmhouse Style Crochet Pillow

6. Round Placemats

a cotton crochet placemat pattern with a matching crochet coaster on a white surface

Everybody needs a good set of placemats in their home. This quick crochet project would make the perfect housewarming gift. You can customize this pattern by adding the new homeowner’s favorite colors.

Free Pattern Link: Crochet Round Placemat

7. Crochet Spiral Coasters

a basic round crochet coaster pattern that is made from cotton yarn.

This free home decor pattern is the sister pattern of the previous picture. You can make a whole set for the new homeowner or you could simply make a set of these coasters.

Tip: Add a mug and wrap the coasters in twine.

Free Pattern Link + Guided Video Tutorial: Easy Crochet Spiral Coasters

8. Chunky Crochet Coasters

4 chunky cotton crochet coasters with twine wrapped around them for a housewarming gift idea

Spruce up your coffee table with these easy modern chunky crochet coasters. Perfect for any room in the house, and they also make a great quick housewarming gift.

This crochet coaster pattern is very customizable and comes with a step-by-step video tutorial.

Free Pattern Link: Chunky Crochet Coasters

9. Boho Crochet Coasters with Fringe

boho crochet coasters with fringe in the color linen with a teacup

This simple boho crochet coaster pattern is beginner-friendly and uses only one stitch! It would make such a cute college gift for new students moving into a dorm room or make a pair for the new homeowner.

Free Pattern Link: Boho Crochet Coasters with Fringe

10. Easy Crochet Mug Rugs

free cotton crochet mug rug pattern with a teacup on a white background

Switch it up and learn how to make these adorable mug rugs! These are the perfect coasters for all the mug lovers out there! This crochet pattern works up incredibly fast and includes a guided video tutorial.

Free Pattern Link + Video Tutorial: Crochet Mug Rugs

I hope you enjoyed reading through this quick list of crochet housewarming gift ideas! Let me know in the comments what you decide on making.

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