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Simple Farmhouse Style Crochet Pillow – Free Pattern

Learn how to make a simple farmhouse style crochet pillow with this free pattern. This beginner friendly crochet pillow can be made in a day.

Are you looking for a fun weekend project to spruce up your home? If that answer is a yes, then look no further. The Simple Farmhouse Style crochet pillow is a one repeat stitch pattern with a gorgeous linen backing. Zipper and tassel included!

This beginner friendly crochet pillow pattern uses basic stitches and comes together in a day. Scroll down for more details on the pretty farmhouse style pillow or skim to the bottom for the pattern.

How to make a simple farmhouse style crochet pillow
Simple Farmhouse Style Crochet Pillow Free Pattern

DIY Farmhouse Style Crochet Pillow

Every year I love to refresh my home with new pillows and blankets. I love to pull old things (pillows, throws, accessories) out of storage, give it a good wash and incorporate it back in the house. I also love a good DIY project and am always thinking of new pillow and blanket ideas. Like this modern throw here and this fun cotton granny square pillow here.

This year I really wanted to create a more warm, inviting, farmhouse style feel to my home. So of course, I went to Pinterest and started looking up farmhouse style decor. I love looking at Pinterest for farmhouse style ideas because I love to see how I can incorporate crochet.

Simple Crochet Farmhouse Style Pillow Pattern

I start with a base picture and see what crochet stitches would fit perfectly with the style/mood I’m going for, then comes color + yarn.

For this pillow, I chose to work with Hobby Lobby’s Yarn Bee Bamboo-Tiful in the color linen. Its a beautiful light weight category 3 yarn made from a blended cotton and viscose. I chose to work with the color linen, but they have a wide range of colors in this yarn line.

Here is a quick list of the colors available:

  • Linen
  • Basil
  • Rose
  • Mustard
  • Sea Green
  • Iron
  • Papaya

As you can see there a multitude of options, ultimately its up to you and your preference. 

Simple Crochet Stitches Create a Textured Pillow

For this project, I decided to use a mix of single crochet and double crochet. You’ve already probably guessed it, but these two stitches make up the Suzette Stitch. A video tutorial will be provided below on how to create this fun and easy stitch!

Its a one repeat beginner friendly crochet stitch that works up pretty quickly. The texture of this stitch creates a really nice sturdy fabric, perfect for a farmhouse style crochet pillow!

I love using this stitch and have used it in a lot of different crochet projects. Like the Eta Baby Blanket here and the beginner friendly crochet washcloth here.

Simple Crochet Farmhouse Style Pillow
Free crochet pattern for Farmhouse Style Pillow

How to Make a Different Size Crochet Pillow

What’s great about this crochet pillow pattern is that you can make it any size that you want. I chose to make a standard 18″ by 18″, but you could easily make it bigger or smaller. All you have to do is add or subtract your initial amount of chains.

So for this pillow we’re using 74 chains, however if I wanted to make a larger version all I have to do is measure how many chains fit per inch and then multiple that number by how many inches I want my pillow to be.

You also need to take the multiple of the stitch into account. So for this stitch the multiple is 2. So if you get an odd number, add 1 to it, to make it even.

If you have any questions though or just need help, leave a comment down below.

Other Patterns You Might Like

I’ve got quite a few home décor crochet patterns here on the blog. So I figured I would mentioned them here or you can take a look at the tab above for more home decor projects.

Some of my favorites include the Eta Baby Blanket, the Sunflower Crochet Throw, and the Simple Crochet Throw.

Free crochet pattern throws
  1. Eta Crochet Baby Blanket // 2. Cozy Sunflower Throw. // 3. Simple Crochet Throw

Let’s get started with the Simple Farmhouse Style Crochet Pillow!

Simple Farmhouse Style Crochet Pillow Free Pattern

Simple Farmhouse Style Crochet Pillow

Supplies Needed:

4.0 mm (U.S./ size F)

2 balls of Yarn Bee Bamboo-Tiful in the color Linen or 514 yards of another light weight category 3 yarn.

18in x 18 in (45.72cm x 45.72 cm) pillow cover. I purchased a basic one (Merchant 41) from Hobby Lobby.

needle and thread

darning needle


16 rows x 8 stitches= 4″ square in Suzette Stitch

Abbreviations and Glossary (US Terms):

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

Pillow Size:

18in x 18 in


  • You will only create one crochet square that measures 18″ by 18″, the back will be your pillow cover.
  • Crochet square is sewed on front pillow cover with needle and thread.
  • A video tutorial for the stitch can be found here, or down below


Crochet only 1 front cover.

ch 74

R1: In second ch from hook, (1sc,1dc) in same chain. Skip next ch, *(1sc,1dc) in next ch, skip 1 ch. Repeat from * till last two ch. skip next ch, sc in last ch. Turn.

R2: ch 1 , (1sc, 1dc) in first stitch , skip 1 st. *(1sc,1dc) in next st, skip 1 st. Repeat from * till last two st. skip next st, sc in last st.

R3 – R68: repeat row 2

Finish off and weave in all ends.

How to Sew Your Crochet Square on Your Pillow Cover

Step 1: Lay your crochet square (front cover) flat on to the pillow cover.

Optional: Insert sewing pins around each of the sides of the pillow. This is to help keep the crochet cover onto the pillow cover.

How to sew your crochet cover on your pillow cover
how to sew fabric onto crochet pillow cover

Step 2: Grab your needle and thread. With both sides (crochet cover + pillow cover) aligned, insert your needle through both fabrics starting at the corner.

How to sew your crochet project on a pillow using a needle

Step 3: Continue to sew along all edges. Once this is done, secure a tight knot.

Step 4: Insert your pillow in to your brand new Farmhouse Style Crochet pillow cover.

And that’s it! You’re finished with your beautiful handmade farmhouse style pillow cover.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know in the comments below if you plan on making this one and if you would like to see more crochet designs for your handmade home.

I really enjoy making these type of tutorials, plus its so much fun sprucing up your home with handmade pieces. It adds a unique touch to any space.

Have a beautiful day!


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Simple Farmhouse Style Crochet Pillow Free Pattern