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How to Crochet a Pumpkin in 2 Different Sizes

Crocheting your own pumpkins for the holidays is so much fun. With just a few materials you can make an assortment of crochet pumpkins in all different sizes. It’s easy and quick to make too!

Today’s tutorial will show you how to crochet a pumpkin in two different sizes, a small size, and a large size. This crochet pumpkin pattern uses just a few materials and is made with worsted-weight yarn.

If you want to make a pumpkin with bulky weight yarn, then make sure to check out this chunky crochet pumpkin version.

2 different size crochet pumpkins that are made with worsted weight yarn.

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One great thing about making your own pumpkins is that you can personalize them in any way you like. By just switching up the weight of the yarn and changing the hook size, you can create a totally new pumpkin.

You can also add some cute decorations to your pumpkins or add them to your fall decor. I attached mine to my crochet fall wreath.

A fall wreath with eucalyptus and crochet pumpkins in 2 different sizes.

You can also make crochet pumpkin garlands, and stackable pumpkins, or use them as a centerpiece on your table for Thanksgiving.

So you can really do a ton of things with handmade pumpkins! What do you plan on adding them to?

Alright, here is the list of things you will need to make this crochet pumpkin pattern.

Crochet Pumpkin Pattern Materials

Crochet Hook – You will need a 4.0 mm crochet hook for this pattern.

Worsted Weight Yarn – I used Hobby Lobby’s Yarn Bee Cotton Et Lin in the colors Fern, Chintz, and Parchment. This is a cotton/linen blend yarn (Weight 4/ 3.5oz, 180 yds) that works up beautifully. You’re going to need just 1 ball of each color to make a pumpkin.

*you can make several pumpkins with one ball of yarn.

Poly-Fil – You’re going to need one bag of Poly-Fil to stuff your pumpkins. You can also use the filling of an old pillow you may have.

Mini Sticks – A mini stick is needed for the top part of your pumpkin. The stick acts as the stem of your pumpkin. You can also use a cinnamon stick or crochet a stem.

Scissors – You will need a good pair of scissors to cut the yarn.

Darning Needle – A darning needle is needed to close the pumpkin together, as well as working in the yarn ends.

4 worsted weight crochet pumpkins in different colors.

Stitches Used for This Pattern

ch – chain: Yarn over, pull through loop on hook.

ss – slip stitch: Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull through stitch and loop on hook.

hdc – half double crochet: Yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull through stitch. Yarn over one more time and pull through last three loops on hook.

hdc blo – half double crochet back loop only: Yarn over, insert hook into back loop of stitch, yarn over and pull through stitch. Yarn over one more time and pull through last three loops on hook.

hdc 3blo – half double crochet 3rd back loop only: Yarn over, insert hook into 3rd loop of stitch, yarn over, and pull through stitch. Yarn over one more time and pull through last three loops on hook.

Pattern Notes

  • Pattern written in U.S Terms.
  • Chain 2 at the beginning of each row does not count as a stitch.
  • The gauge for this pattern is 8 stitches x 4 rows = 2″ inch square.
  • You can find a detailed photo tutorial of the knit-like crochet stitch used here.

Easy Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

With your choice of yarn color, chain 13 for the small size or chain 20 for the large size. Then follow the pattern down below:

Row 1: In 2nd chain from hook, work 1 hdc, and continue to make a hdc in each chain till the end of the row. 12 (19).

Row 2: ch 2, turn, hdc 3blo in the first stitch, and across till the end of the row. 12 (19).

Row 3: ch 2, turn, hdc blo in the first stitch, and across till the end of the row. 12 (19).

Continue to alternate between row 2 and row 3, until you reach row 12 for the small size and row 20 for the large size.

Tie a knot when you have finished your last row, but leave a 60″ inch tail end. The tail end is going to be used to close the pumpkin together.

A crochet rectangle made from worsted weight yarn.

So now that you have the base of your pattern done, it’s time to turn it into a pumpkin. The next set of instructions is explained in steps and they also include helpful photos!

Step 1: Grab the two edges of your crochet rectangle and put them together. Then grab your crochet hook that you used to make the rectangle and slip stitch the two sides together.

A folded crochet rectangle.
Slip stitching your two sides together.

Step 2: Once you have slip stitched your two sides together, tie a knot, but do not cut the long tail end.

Now grab your darning needle and insert it through the tail end. Then grab the mini tube that you just created and start weaving in and out on the top part of the tube.

A mini crochet tube.
How to close your mini crochet tube up with a darning needle.

Continue to do this all the way around the tube.

Step 3: Once you have finished weaving the top part, grab your tail end and pull tight. The top should close together.

A closed tube.

Step 4: Now flip over your pumpkin so the opening is facing you and insert the darning needle through the bottom and out the top.

The top part of a crochet pumpkin.

Then grab your poly-fil and start filling your mini tube up.

A mini pumpkin filled with Poly-Fil.

Step 5: Once you have stuffed your mini tube with poly-fil, grab your darning needle, and weave the top edge of the tube again.

Once this is done, pull it tight and secure it with a knot.

A crochet pumpkin without a stem.

Now you should have something that resembles a pumpkin!

Step 6: The last step is to grab your darning needle and insert it through the tail end. Then wrap the yarn down along the side, and push through the bottom and out the top.

Adding ridges with yarn to your pumpkin.

Continue to do this until you’ve wrapped the side a total of 4 times.

Finally, tie a knot, and work in your remaining end. And you’re finished with making the pumpkin! All that’s left to do is add some cute decorations.

A crochet pumpkin without the stem.

I added a stick to the top part of my pumpkin with a hot glue gun, but you can also add a cinnamon stick.

I hope you enjoyed making this crochet pumpkin pattern!

Three different size crochet pumpkins.