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The 15 Best Free Crochet Patterns Made with Lion Brand Coboo Yarn

Do you have some Lion Brand Coboo yarn in your stash and don’t know what to make? Well, if that answer is a yes, you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m sharing the 15 best free crochet patterns made with Lion Brand Coboo yarn.

Lion Brand Coboo yarn is a lightweight number 3 blended yarn that’s made from cotton and bamboo. It’s wonderful for the summertime, but also great to use during the fall time. This list is sure to keep you inspired on what to crochet next!

Most of the patterns are easy + quick to make and some will take a few days to complete. Check out the list down below or take a quick look at the table of contents to find the best free crochet pattern.

15 free crochet patterns made with Lion Brand Coboo Yarn

Free pattern ideas for everyone

Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced crocheter, there’s a pattern for everyone on this list. I’ve included easy, mindless patterns and also some intermediate patterns.

The intermediate patterns include fun construction techniques, like working in the round and color changes. The simple ones I’ve included are perfect for when you just want to relax and crochet.

I hope this list of free crochet patterns inspires you to make something beautiful. Or to simply make some room for more yarn in your stash. If not, check out these other great roundups. Let’s get started!

1. Seaside Crochet Top Pattern

Seaside Crochet Top, a free crochet pattern

The first crochet pattern on the list is the Seaside Tank Top. You can find this free pattern right here on the blog. It’s an easy, beginner-friendly top made from two rectangles! Perfect for the summertime by the beach.

This pattern comes in a wide range of sizes and includes a guided video tutorial.


Pattern link here: Seaside Tank Top

2. Sweet Summer Tee Pattern

Sweet Summer Tee

This beautiful top is made with the beginner in mind. With its easy construction and simple shaping, you’re sure to work up this tee in no time. Perfect for the summertime as its made with a cotton and bamboo blended yarn. Or layer it up during the fall time.


Pattern link here: Sweet Summer Tee

3. Marsali Sweater Pattern

marsali sweater

The Marsali Sweater is all about simplicity! It’s made from only 2 rectangles and includes some fun ribbing. Perfect for a night out or nice and cozy for when you’re at home.

This sweater also includes some cool seaming techniques, so you might even learn something new.


Pattern link here: Marsali Sweater

4. Happy at Home Hoodie Pattern

happy at home hoodie

The perfect lightweight hoodie to wear around the house! Or use it as a cozy coverup for those early morning walks on the beach.

The Happy at Home hoodie is made using beginner-friendly stitches and includes some fun ribbing techniques. You can make this crochet pattern in one color or use multiple different colors. Lion Brand Coboo yarn comes in a wide range of colors, so they’re an endless amount of color options to choose from.


Pattern link here: Happy at Home Hoodie

5. Willow Crop Sweater Pattern

willow crop sweater

Spruce up your wardrobe with this ultra-versatile crochet sweater! This adorable crochet sweater can be made either long or keep it cropped for the summertime. Not feeling the bell boho-shaped sleeves, shorten them to create the style you want.

This free crochet sweater pattern comes in a variety of different sizes, making it the perfect versatile sweater.

Source: Designed by Kelsie Weeks

Pattern link here: Willow Crop Sweater

6. Waterlily Lace Top Pattern

waterlily lace top

This beautiful lacy top is made with beginners in mind. Easy stitches and simple construction makes this the ultimate sleeveless top for the summertime! Keep it simple by using one color or spruce it up by picking multiple colors.

Lion Brand Coboo yarn is offered in a lot of different colors, what color will you pick for this Waterlily Lacy top?


Pattern link here: Waterlily Lace Top

7. Frigus Top Down Tee Pattern

frigus top down tee

Learn some new crochet skills when making this yoke-style crochet top. Worked from top to bottom, this pattern is sure to keep you busy. Perfect for intermediate crocheters or adventurous beginners!

This beautiful top comes in a wide range of sizes, making it suitable for everyone.


Pattern link here: Frigus Top Down Tee

8. Short Hills Shell Pattern

short hills shell a lion brand coboo yarn pattern

The Short Hills Shell pattern is the perfect beginner-friendly top. It’s made with simple stitches and has an easy construction. Pair this cute crochet top with Lion Brand Coboo yarn with a pair of jeans or a skirt. Add a simple cardigan and you’re good to go!

Source: Designed by Teresa Chorzepa

Pattern link here: Short Hills Shell Top

9. Vail Topper Pattern

vail topper a free crochet pattern

Not feeling a top, then check out this easy crochet cardigan pattern. With its drapey construction and knit-like stitches, it’s the perfect garment to bring you from summer to fall. Pair it with some jeans and boots or a cute dress.

This simple mindless stitch cardigan is made with beginners in made. Get ready to make an adorable cardigan!


Pattern link here: Vail Topper

10. Maria Top Pattern

maria top free crochet pattern

Advance your crochet garment skills with this raglan-style top. Made from top to bottom using the granny stitch.

This pretty top is made using the granny stitch and uses several different colors. Lion Brand Coboo yarn comes in a wide variety of colors, think about all the different color options you can make using this top. Endless possibilities!


Pattern link here: Maria Top

11. Cedar Island Sweater Pattern

cedar island sweater

Do you love cool shapes within your crochet garment? If so, I think this is the perfect pattern for you!

The Cedar Island Sweater uses 2 different colors and it’s made from only double crochet stitches. North Carolina inspired and perfect for walking on the beach or a night out! Make this beautiful, breezy top today.


Pattern link here: Cedar Island Sweater

12. Over the Top Crop

over the top

Just as the name states, this free crochet top pattern is meant to use as a layering piece over dresses. Or you can also pair it with some jeans or a skirt.

This top features simple stitches and an easy construction. Making it perfect for all year round. Spruce it up by using different Lion Brand Coboo yarn colors.


Pattern link here: Over the Top

13. Zen Cardigan Pattern

zen crochet cardigan

Crochet a fun little cardigan for the summertime with this beautiful blue Coboo yarn pattern. This simple pattern is made with easy stitches and is made from a rectangle. Pair it on a skirt or a dress, either way, it’ll look great.

This crochet pattern is perfect for the adventurous beginner!


Pattern link here: Zen Cardigan

14. Drury Lane Dress Pattern

drury lane dress

Any crochet dress fans out there? If so, this free Lion Brand Coboo yarn dress pattern is for you! This beautiful dress is made with lacy stitches and is perfect for the summertime. Dress it up for date night or wear it for long walks on the beach.


Pattern link here: Drury Lane Dress

15. Beryl Cowl Neck Top Pattern

beryl cowl neck top

Who doesn’t love a cute cowl top? The Beryl Cowl Neck top is a fun crochet garment to make for any occasion.

You can make this in a wide variety of colors or choose one color for the main body and another for the cowl part. Either way, it’s sure to be a staple in your wardrobe.


Pattern link here: Beryl Cowl Neck Top

I hope you enjoyed this fun roundup of the 15 Best Free Crochet Patterns made with Lion Brand Coboo Yarn. I know that I bookmarked quite a few of these awesome crochet designs. I’ve got quite a couple of Coboo yarn skeins begging to be used.

Let me know in the comments section what you plan on making with this yarn!

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