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Fiber and Thoughts Newsletter – 1


Welcome to the first-ever newsletter here on the blog. If you’ve been following along here, you know that I’ve been thinking about writing up a post on all the things that I’ve been making for the blog.

This includes new patterns, stitch tutorials, as well as things I’ve been crocheting from other designers. I think this is a wonderful way to connect with you all because you’ll get a little behind the scenes on what I’m currently doing and you might find some inspiration in it as well.

I currently plan on doing these types of posts once a month or at least twice a month. My goal is twice a month, it just depends on my schedule for the month.

So anyhow let’s get started! So first thing first, this one is a little personal, but my husband and I currently live abroad in a very cold wet place. So if you’ve been noticing a bit of a change in the time of my post, this is the reason why. Moving abroad has been interesting, to say the least, filled with good times and crazy times. Like the one time when my husband and I got caught up in a massive rainstorm while riding our bikes. We’re from Florida, so the rain we normally get is mostly warm, this one was ice cold.

And let me just say when it hits you, it hits you. But at least I get to wear all my wintery crochet items now, so it’s not so bad.

Alright, so on that note, here are some new things that were posted on the blog this month. I’m going to list them below (just click the links to check out the posts):

New Post on The Blog

As you can probably tell from the posts this month, I’ve been really focusing on the moss stitch. I love making this stitch and there are so many different variations you can make, like the moss stitch square. Ever since I learned how to make the moss stitch square, I’ve been thinking about all the different projects you can make using this square.

One of those projects was the crochet project bag. Years ago, I saw a bag that was constructed from 4 squares and I thought it was the neatest thing. So of course I took a picture of it and when going through my photos again a couple of weeks ago, I just knew I had to recreate it.

A crochet bag made from 4 squares.

So that’s where the idea of the project bag came from and honestly, I’m so glad I went through with it. You never really know how a design is going to come out, so I’m glad this one came out the way I imagined it. I’ve made so many designs over the years, but a lot of them don’t actually make it to the blog. I think I’m kind of a perfectionist in that way where I want everything to be perfect for the blog, but as cliche as it sounds, life’s just not like that

So that is something I’m working on this coming year. Alright, let’s get into some of the things I’ve been making from other designers.

Finished Makes

My first finished project this month was a knitting pattern from Two of Wands. I actually started this pattern earlier in the year, and I just finished it this week. It was a knitting pattern, so it took me quite a while to finish it.

I actually learned how to knit on YouTube last year, so I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty proud of myself for finishing a sweater pattern that wasn’t crochet. Next time though, I’m going to write down when I started it and what needle size I used. I would also like to write down if I made any changes and what yarn I used (plus my thoughts on the pattern). I think it would be nice to look back at the project.

So here is a photo and some details on the pattern that I made:

A knitted sweater that's called the Winter League Pullover pattern by Two of Wands.

Overall, I really enjoyed making this pattern and I definitely recommend it to a beginner. I’m a beginner in knitting, and honestly, I really enjoyed the challenge. I learned a whole bunch of new skills and it was just a lot of fun to make.

I also made another pattern by Two of Wands this month, this one is a crochet pattern. I made the Huntington Carryall bag pattern. This project was actually a gift for my Pilates teacher. She has been so kind and welcoming to me, so I really wanted to make her something special.

I ended up making the bag in grey and white and I also added her studio name to the front of the bag using slip stitches. It came out really cute I thought.

So here’s a very real unedited photo of me working on the tail ends on the backside of the bag.

Crocheter working a crochet bag pattern.

Here are the details of the pattern if you want to make it too:

I’ve also been loving Briana K’s designs lately. I found her on YouTube and she’s an awesome knit and crochet designer. Earlier in the year, I purchased her magical crochet stitches course, and I’ve learned so much from her.

I love making other designers’ patterns because it gives me a chance to learn new skills as well. These skills that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise, and I get to teach you guys new skills too.

I love designing, but sometimes I just want to crochet and follow a pattern. So that’s why I like making other people’s patterns.

Anyhow, that’s it for me this month. I would love it if you commented down below on what you’ve made this month or what you’re currently working on (whether it’s crochet or knit). You could also share a designer that you like or maybe a cool stitch pattern you found this month.

Whatever it may be, I think it would be fun to connect with you all and share this love of fiber arts.

Have a wonderful day,