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Crochet Moss Stitch Color Change Tutorial

Are you in the middle of a crochet pattern that uses the moss stitch and need to make a color change? If the answer is yes, this tutorial is for you. Today, I’m going to show you step-by-step how to change colors when making the moss stitch.

A crochet moss stitch swatch with 2 color changes.

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This color change tutorial is easy and beginner-friendly! So if you’re new to making color changes in your work or just need a bit of guidance when making the moss stitch, this tutorial is for you!

I’m going to go over this tutorial step-by-step with helpful photos, so you won’t get lost. It might take a few tries, but don’t give up. You’ve got this!

After this tutorial, you might even want to venture out and try making the moss stitch in square form. If so, here’s a detailed tutorial on how to make the moss stitch square.

Crochet moss stitch squares on a white surface.

Alright, let’s get into the tutorial! Here is a quick list of things you will need for this tutorial.

Materials You Will Need for This Tutorial

  • You can use any size hook. I used an 8.0 mm crochet hook.
  • Bulky weight yarn or any other yarn that works with your hook size. I used Hue + Me in the color Salt, and Grey for this tutorial.
  • Stitch Markers. You may find stitch markers helpful in knowing where to make a slip stitch when joining the work.
  • darning needle and a pair of scissors.

Here are also some quick tips to keep in mind when changing colors in crochet.

Moss Stitch Color Changing Tips

  • For this stitch, I would recommend changing colors or adding new yarn at the end of the row.
  • Carry your yarn along the sides when switching colors or work your tail-ends in right away. This will save you loads of time at the end of your project.
  • Make sure to keep your tension on the looser side when making the moss stitch, this will help prevent the edges from going inward.

Crochet Moss Stitch Pattern

In the tutorial down below, all be changing colors after my first row. Since there are different variations of the crochet moss stitch, this is the stitch pattern that I’m using:

Row 1: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, *ch 1, sk next ch, sc in next ch, rep from * across, turn.

Row 2: ch 1, sc in first sc, then sc in first ch-1 sp, *ch 1, sk next sc, sc in next ch-1 sp, rep from * across, sc in last sc, turn.

Row 3: ch 1, sc in first sc, *ch 1, sk next sc, sc in next ch 1-sp, rep from * across to last 2 sc, ch 1, sk next sc, sc in last sc, turn.

Continue to alternate between row 2 and row 3 for the pattern.

Alright, here is how I change colors when crocheting the moss stitch.

A tutorial on how to change colors when making the crochet moss stitch.

Crochet Moss Stitch Color Change Tutorial

Step 1: Start by working your last stitch at the end of the row, but do not complete the last step of the stitch.

As you can see down below, my last stitch is a single crochet stitch. So I’m stopping before I complete the final step of my stitch.

A uncompleted single crochet stitch with a wooden crochet hook.

Step 2: Then grab your other color, and wrap it over the crochet hook. So both the working yarn and the tail end of color “B” are towards you. Then carefully pull through the two loops on the hook for a completed single crochet.

Adding a second color of yarn to my moss stitch pattern.

Step 3: Once you have pulled through, you should have the other color on your crochet hook.

You should have also completed your single crochet stitch. So now you’re ready to move on to row 2.

A moss stitch swatch with 2 different yarn colors.

So chain 1, turn your work, and then start row 2.

And that’s how you add a new color of yarn when crocheting the moss stitch. So if you want to change colors again, all you have to do is follow the tutorial. It’s that easy!

The crochet moss stitch with 2 different colors.

I hope you enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial, and don’t forget to save and share this post with others.

Also, if you love making this stitch, and love making blankets, I think you’re going to like this moss stitch crochet blanket pattern. It’s made using bulky weight yarn and uses 3 different colors.

It’s a simple striped crochet blanket pattern that is perfect for beginners and advanced crocheters!

Moss stitch square blanket pattern.