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Crochet Blanket Shrug – Free Pattern

Spruce up your outfit with this easy beginner-friendly crochet blanket shrug pattern. This free crochet shrug pattern is cozy, comfortable, and made using a one-stitch repeat.

It’s the perfect shrug to pair with some jeans and a top or wear over a dress.

Continue to read through for the inspiration behind this design or scroll down for the free pattern + guided video tutorial.

The crochet blanket shrug made with a worsted weight cotton blue yarn

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Crochet Blanket Shrug

My latest design and free pattern is the crochet blanket shrug. This simple crochet cocoon is made from a rectangle and uses basic stitches.

It’s the perfect weekend project as you can have this shrug done in a day! So if you’re new to crochet or more advanced and looking for a quick project, this shrug pattern is perfect for you.

I’ve also included a guided video tutorial to help with any tricky parts.

model wearing a crochet shrug that is made with Loops and Thread Crème cotton yarn.

Inspiration + Design

My inspiration behind this crochet cocoon came from one of my other crochet designs. If you guessed the simple crochet throw, you are right!

The simple crochet throw was one of my first crochet patterns and I loved the stitch that I used for that pattern. It’s the reverse blanket stitch and it’s made using only chain, single crochet, and double crochet.

Anyhow, as I was curled up on the couch with my new blanket. I thought about how this design would look so good as a shrug. So I grabbed my notepad and started sketching an idea for this design.

That’s also how this shrug, got its name. It reminds me of my cozy blanket. Plus, imagine all the different outfits you can wear with this comfy shrug.

Model is showing the back side of the crochet blanket shrug pattern.

Yarn Choice

For this crochet pattern, I chose to work with Michaels Loops & Thread Crème Cotton yarn. It’s a number 4 worsted weight cotton yarn that’s so soft and comes in a variety of different colors.

I loved working with this yarn and highly recommend it for this project. However, you can easily substitute a different yarn for this project. Lion Brand Feels Like Butta or Lion Brand Wool-Ease would be a great alternative.

Some of my favorite colors in this line are cream and light blue. Which colors are your favorite?

long flowy crochet shrug pattern made with worsted weight cotton yarn

Sizing of Crochet Blanket Shrug

I chose to make this project one size, as I wanted a very open loose-fitting crochet shrug. The sides are not meant to close, but they can easily be closed by adding a button.

However, if you want to make a different size. You will need to adjust the initial chain and either subtract or add chains. You also need to take into account the multiple, which is four.

So to make it bigger, add additional chains, and to make it smaller, subtract chains.

How to seam the blanket shrug together?

The blanket shrug is made by crocheting one long rectangle. Once you have your panel made, you want to fold in the sides to the middle and whip stitch it together.

That’s it! It’s a super simple project and would be great for beginners who are getting into crochet garment making.

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cotton crochet cocoon shrug worn with a pair of jeans and white top

Free Crochet Shrug Pattern


Crochet an easy blanket shrug using a one stitch repeat. This beautiful and effortless shrug will keep you warm and stylish!

  • Purchase an ad-free, printable, PDF pattern HERE.
  • Add this pattern to your Ravelry queue HERE.


Yarn Substitution: Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn.


4 stitches x 8 rows = 4 inch square in reverse blanket stitch.

(stitches in 1 chain space count as 1 stitch when checking gauge)


ch – chain: Yarn over, pull through loop on hook.

sc – single crochet: Insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull through, yarn over and pull through last two loops on hook.

dc – double crochet: Yarn over, insert hook into stitch and pull through, yarn over and pull through first two loops on hook, yarn over and pull through last two loops on hook.

sp – space

Finished Size:

One Size (one size will fit most)

32 1/2 ” wide

42 ” long


  • Pattern written in U.S Terms.
  • Pattern is worked in one long rectangle.
  • Sleeves are formed by seaming the sides together using the whipstitch method or any other method you prefer.
  • Step-by-step video tutorial is included with pattern.

Crochet Blanket Shrug Pattern

ch 132

Row 1: dc in 3rd ch from the hook, ch 2, sc in the next ch. *skip 2 ch, 2 dc in the next ch, ch 2, sc in the following ch. Repeat from * across row. Turn.

image shows step 1 to making a crochet shrug pattern

Row 2: ch 2, skip the first stitch, make (2 dc, 2 ch, and 1 sc in the chain space). *skip next 3 stitches and make (2 dc, 2 ch, and 1 sc in the chain space). Repeat from * across row, turn.

image shows how to make a reverse blanket stitch for a crochet shrug

Row 3 – Row 82: repeat row 2

Finish off and weave in ends.

Construction: Seaming

Step 1: Starting from the right, fold the top and bottom corners to the middle. Repeat this process on the left side.

how to seam the crochet blanket shrug

Step 2: Using the whip stitch method, seam the two sides together on the right leaving a 5.5 inch opening. Repeat this process on the left side of the panel.

fold both sides of the panel to create a crochet shrug

Step 3: Once edges are seamed together, flip your blanket crochet shrug inside out. This will hide the seams.

You’re done with the Blanket Shrug!

I hope you enjoyed making this pattern and that the tutorial was helpful! Don’t forget to share your project with me on Facebook or Instagram at @jewelsandjones.

If you have any questions about the pattern, be sure to check out the YouTube video or you can always leave them below.

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free crochet shrug pinnable image


Wednesday 11th of October 2023

Thank you for the pattern. Quick question...if I chain to the desired 32.5" width (because I'm using lighter weight fiber) if the stitch count matters. It seems like it would need to be mulriples of 2, but not 100% sure.


Wednesday 11th of October 2023

Hi there, so the stitch multiple used in the pattern is 4. So you can adjust the foundation chain, just make sure its an even number so the stitch pattern comes out correctly. I hope that helps😊.

Sharon Williams

Saturday 26th of August 2023

Hi! Not sure if this was already sent or not... if it was I am sorry for repeating myself. I measure 40 inches in my bust area and the 32.5 inch chain doesn't seem like it will be big enough to fit me. It seems as though it will be rather tight. Any suggestions? Thanks! Sharon Williams


Monday 28th of August 2023

Hi there, that's totally ok. 😊 I would recommend adding a border around the shrug. I would work a couple of rows of double crochet or single crochet. This will add extra length to the shrug.


Friday 30th of June 2023

Think I can do this FABULOUS shrug...understand your illustration so CLEARLY done...Big thank you..


Monday 3rd of July 2023

You're welcome! I hope you enjoy making the shrug. 😊

Deborah Baumgarten

Tuesday 20th of June 2023

I made this 2 years ago, & it came out HUGE! I’m 5’4”, 125 lbs., but have broad shoulders (size 8 in dresses). It looked like I was wearing an afghan! πŸ˜† Not sure what I did wrong. Eventually, I took it apart & thought I’d try again sometime. I just rediscovered the yarn I used-Mary Maxim Starlette 3 1/2 oz. 100% acrylic. Do you have any suggestions on making it more my size?

Deborah Baumgarten

Friday 14th of July 2023

Thank you for responding so quickly! For some reason, I’m just now seeing it. I made a swatch recently & found that I needed to use a J (6mm) hook instead. I chained 132 & made the 1st row. It measures 36 1/2 inches. Should I go back & chain less? If so, how much?


Wednesday 21st of June 2023

Hi there, did you make a gauge swatch? Sometimes even 1/2 an inch of a stitch can make a huge difference. I'm so glad you're giving this pattern another chance though 😊. I would recommend measuring from tip to tip (right hand to left hand). Then I would make my foundation chain the same length as my measurement. You just want to make sure that the number is a multiple of 4. So if your number is lower or higher, just adjust it to be a multiple of 4. It's a little bit of extra work doing it this way, but I think it will give you a more customized look. Goodluck and let me know how it goes. 😊


Sunday 9th of April 2023

I am confused as to where the straight sided starting chain is on the finished project. Every edge seems to have the scallop.


Monday 10th of April 2023

Hi there, yes the foundation chain will be a lot straighter than the other sides. However you can re-attach the yarn to the foundation chain and repeat row 2 to create the same scalloped edge.