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Free Crochet Patterns Made With Lion Brand Re-Spun Thick & Quick Yarn

Are you in search of some free crochet patterns that use Lion Brand Re-Spun Thick & Quick yarn? Well look no further, I’ve put together a quick list of some patterns that use this super bulky weight yarn.

So whether you’re using up your stash or just need some ideas, I hope this list is helpful!

Lion Brand Re-Spun Thick & Quick is a bulky weight number 6 yarn that’s made from 100% recycled polyester. It’s one of my favorite yarns to use in Lion Brand’s sustainability line! Plus, it comes in 24 different colors.

So think of all the color combinations you can make with the free crochet patterns listed down below.

Free Crochet Lion Brand Re-Spun Yarn Patterns

In this list, you’ll find a mix of easy-level crochet blankets and pillow patterns. So it’s perfect for the beginner crocheter, but also great for an experienced crocheter who wants something easy and relaxing.

These patterns make a great in-between project. I always love working with bulky yarns, because the crochet project comes together so quickly. Plus, who doesn’t love working with super bulky yarn!

Also, since some of these patterns require more than one color, make sure to take a look down below at some of the color combination ideas.

Lion Brand Re-Spun Thick & Quick Color Combinations

With this yarn offering 24 different color options, you can pair quite a few different colors together. I’ve listed some of my favorite colors to use down below.

  • Desert Sand and Silver
  • Whipped Cream and Faded Denim
  • Evergreen and Pumice Stone
  • Hazelwood and Olive Branch
  • Squash and Pumice Stone
  • Sepia Rose and Whipped Cream.

Free Crochet Pattern Ideas for Super Bulky Yarn

Super Bulky Crochet Blanket Pattern

The first pattern on this list is a Chunky Crochet Blanket with Pom-Poms. This pattern is beginner-friendly and uses basic crochet stitches. If you can single crochet and double crochet, you can make this cozy throw!

It also includes a step-by-step video tutorial, making it perfect for beginners!


Pattern Link Here: Chunky Crochet Blanket

Tessie Ripple Crochet Blanket

Tessie Ripple Crochet Throw Blanket Pattern

The next pattern on the list is a fun ripple crochet afghan blanket. This crochet pattern uses 3 different colors and works up quickly. Just think of all the color combinations you can make with this striped crochet blanket.

Make sure to take a look at the color combination section of this post if you need some help picking out colors.


Pattern Link Here: Tessie Ripple Crochet Blanket

Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch Blanket

Tunisian crochet blanket pattern that uses Lion Brand Re-Spun Thick Quick Yarn

Interested in learning a new crochet technique? If so, this crochet pattern is perfect for you! This crochet blanket is made using Tunisian crochet stitches. It also includes a step-by-step video tutorial, so it’s perfect for beginners who want to try Tunisian crochet.


Pattern Link Here: Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch Blanket

Mandy Crochet Pillow

Mandy crochet granny square crochet pillow pattern

If you love making granny squares, you’re going to love making the Mandy Crochet Pillow. This fun crochet pattern is made using your basic granny square.

So if you’re a beginner and want to make something that doesn’t take too long, this pattern is perfect for you.


Pattern Link Here: Mandy Crochet Pillow

Windermere Crochet Throw

Free Windermere Crochet Throw Blanket Pattern

This fun crochet throw blanket is worked in different directions. You’ll first start off by working a few rows horizontally and then you’ll work a few rows vertically. It’s a really fun pattern with lots of texture.


Pattern Link Here: Windermere Throw Blanket

Boho Crochet Pillow

Free Boho Pom-Pom Crochet Pillow Pattern

The next pattern on the list is another fun crochet pillow. This one is made using two different colors and has the cutest pom-poms.

You’ll also learn how to change colors in this crochet pattern.


Pattern Link Here: Boho Crochet Pillow

Ripple Crochet Baby Blanket

A super bulky ripple crochet blanket pattern.

The last pattern on the list is a crochet ripple blanket. This is a great beginner crochet blanket pattern because it’s made with basic crochet stitches. Plus, the ripples in this pattern make it a fun pattern to work up!


Pattern Link Here: Ripple Crochet Baby Blanket

And that’s it for this roundup! I hope this list gave you some inspiration on what to make next and definitely let me know in the comment section which one you want to make.

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