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10 Eco-Friendly Yarns to Use for Your Next Crochet Project

Are you looking for some eco-friendly yarn to use for your next crochet project? If so, this might be the perfect list for you! Down below, you’ll find 10 different yarns that are all made from recycled materials.

4 Different eco-friendly yarns to use in crochet.

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What is eco-friendly yarn?

Eco-friendly yarn is meant to reduce the amount of pollution on the planet by reusing materials such as t-shirts, jeans, plastic bottles, and other fibers.

These materials are broken down and spun back into thread.

Some other sustainable plant fiber yarns are cotton, linen, hemp, and bamboo.

Lion Brand Sustainable Yarn Line

If you’re looking for budget-friendly yarns that are sustainable and use recycled materials, then Lion Brand might be the best fit for you. They have 9 different types of yarn in their sustainable yarn line.

They are all made from different materials, like plastic bottles, recycled tweed, lyocell, cotton, and hemp.

1. Lion Brand Re-Spun Yarn

A skein of Lion Brand Re-Spun yarn

Lion Brand Re-Spun yarn is made from recycled polyester and is so soft! You can find this yarn here.

2. Lion Brand Re-Spun Thick & Quick Yarn

A skein of Re-Spun Thick & Quick Yarn

I love Lion Brand Re-Spun Thick & Quick yarn and have used it for two different crochet projects. So if you want to make something with this yarn, make sure to check out the Honeycomb Stitch Blanket and the Hygge Crochet Blanket.

You can find this yarn here.

3. Lion Brand Re-Spekt Yarn

A skein of Re-Spekt yarn.

Lion Brand Re-Spekt yarn is made from a recycled polyester blend and can be found here.

4. Lion Brand Re-Tweed Yarn

A skein of Lion Brand Re-Tweed Yarn.

This yarn is made out of recycled tweed and can be found here.

5. Lion Brand Re-Up Yarn

A ball of Re-Up yarn fin the color blue and white.

You can find this awesome yarn here.

Another yarn company that has a recycled yarn line is We Are Knitters.

We are Knitters Yarn Line

We are Knitters offers an amazing selection of eco-friendly yarns. Some of the yarns that you’ll find below are made from recycled materials, like t-shirts and jeans.

They also have cotton, bamboo, and linen yarn.

6. We are Knitters Tape Yarn

A grey ball of We Are Knitters Tape yarn.

The Tape Yarn is made from recycled cotton yarn and you can find that yarn here.

7. We are Knitters the Recycled Yarn

A brown ball of We Are Knitters Recycled Yarn

We are Knitters Recycled yarn is made from 95% recycled cotton and 5% of other fibers, like jeans or t-shirts. You can find this awesome yarn here.

8. We are Knitters Bamboo Yarn

We are Knitters Bamboo yarn.

If you love working with bamboo yarn, then you’re going to love this soft bamboo yarn. This yarn line has 7 different colors, you can find it here.

Wool and The Gang

Another yarn line to look into for sustainable stitching would be Wool and The Gang. They have some great yarns that are made of recycled material. I love their Mix Tape Yarn line and their Billy Jean Yarn line.

9. Wool and The Gang Mix Tape Yarn

A brown ball of Wool and the Gang Mix Tape Yarn.

This yarn is made from old t-shirt scraps. You can find the yarn here.

10. Wool and The Gang Billie Jean Yarn

A variegated yarn in the color white and blue from Wool and The Gang.

Wool and The Gang Billie Jean Yarn is made from leftover denim scraps. So instead of denim sitting in a landfill, it’s actually spun back into fibers to create a really soft yarn. You can find this yarn here.

I hope you enjoyed going through this list of eco-friendly yarns. If you’re looking for more sustainable yarns, make sure to check out Ganxxet yarns. They also offer a wide variety of recycled yarns.

If you know of any other yarn companies that have recycled yarns and want to share, make sure to leave a comment down below. I would love to know!