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Size Chart for Crochet Blankets

Are you looking for different crochet blanket sizes? If so, you’ve come to the right place. With so many different sizes available nowadays, it can be a little bit overwhelming picking the right blanket size for your crochet project.

In the chart down below, I’ve listed the most common blanket sizes. You will find sizes for crochet baby blankets, crochet throws, and larger crochet blanket sizes. I’ve listed the ones that I use most often in my crochet patterns, but there are lots of different sizes out there.

So if you like a different size and it suits you better, then go with that size.

I’ve also listed some common questions to crocheting a blanket and if you need some blanket inspiration, make sure to take a look at these free crochet patterns.

3 different crochet blanket patterns in different sizes

Crochet Blanket Sizes

In the chart down below, you’ll find different crochet blanket sizes. These are the ones that I personally use for my free crochet patterns.

Crochet Blanket Sizes:
Security – 16 inch x 16″ inch.
Baby – 30″ inch x 30″ inch or 36″ inch x 36″ inch.
Toddler – 40″ inch x 60″ inch.
Lapghan – 36″ inch x 48″ inch.
Throw – 52″ inch x 60″ inch.
Twin – 66″ inch x 90″ inch.
Full/Queen – 90″ inch x 90″ inch.
King – 110″ inch x 110″ inch.

How long does it take to crochet a blanket?

The short answer to this question is that it depends on the person crocheting the blanket. We all crochet at different speeds and lots of different factors are at play when you’re crocheting. Here are some things that affect the amount of time it takes to crochet a blanket:

  1. Yarn: The different weights and sizes of yarn can have a huge effect on how long your crochet blanket will take. If you have DK weight yarn, your blanket will definitely take a lot longer to crochet because the size of your yarn is thinner. If you have a bulky weight yarn, your crochet blanket will work up a lot faster.
  2. Hook size: Like yarn, hook size matters a lot in the speed at which you crochet. If you have a small hook and light-weight yarn, your blanket is going to take a bit of time. If you have a large hook and extra bulky weight yarn, your blanket will go a lot faster.
crochet blankets stacked on top of each other with a tape measurer
  1. Difficulty of Pattern: Are you making an easy pattern? Are you making a pattern with lots of different stitches? These are questions to consider before starting your blanket pattern. If the pattern has lots of different stitches or a lot of seaming, it might take you some time to finish a blanket. If your blanket pattern is simple and includes a one-row repeat, it might go a lot faster.
  2. Speed: Speed is another factor in determining how long it will take to crochet a blanket. If you’re an experienced crocheter and have made several blankets, you’ll probably work up a blanket fast. If you’re a new crocheter, it might take you a little bit longer to make a blanket.

So these are all things to consider when determining how long it will take to crochet a blanket. These answers are based on my own experience as a crocheter. But remember, crochet is not about how fast you can make something, so enjoy the process and have fun!

How many chains do you need to crochet a blanket?

This all depends on the size of your crochet blanket. If you want to make a bigger crochet blanket, you are going to start off with a long chain. If you want to make a smaller blanket, you’re going to start with a shorter chain.

One way I like to see how many stitches I need for a blanket is by making a swatch of the stitch used in the pattern. I then count how many stitches I have in 1″ inch and I multiply that number with how long I want my blanket size to be.

Make sure to note if there is a multiple for the stitch used in the pattern.

Free Crochet Blanket Patterns

If you’re wanting to make a crochet blanket or need some blanket inspiration, than take a look at these free crochet blanket patterns.

easy free crochet blanket patterns
  1. The Cozy Cotton Crochet Throw – A fun cotton crochet throw that’s made using a one-row repeat. This beginner-friendly pattern also has an optional puff stitch border.
  2. Shell Stitch Baby Blanket – Learn how to make an adorable baby blanket using the shell stitch. This blanket is made using only 2 stitches. Perfect for the intermediate crocheter!
  3. Crochet Baby Girl Blanket – Combine two basic stitches to create this lovely textured blanket.

I hope this quick guide was helpful in determining the size of your crochet blanket. I know it can be little frustrating picking the right size and how to adjust the pattern.

So If you have any other question on this topic, please feel free to leave them down below.

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Tuesday 8th of November 2022

Hi if I want to fo full size 90 x90. How do I know how many stitches I need to have?


Tuesday 15th of November 2022

Hi there, that would depend on the type of stitch you want to use for your project. I would recommend making a gauge swatch of the stitch you want to use and then calculate how many stitches you get per 1 inch. Then you can multiply that number by the length you want your project to be.