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Crocheting With Natural Fibers

Learn about different natural fibers to crochet with during the year.

crocheting with natural yarn fibers

Hey friends, today’s blog post is going to be all about crocheting with natural fibers. I’ve been recently working with some natural fibers and I absolutely love it. It got me thinking that a post explaining all about the different natural fibers available to us.

So let’s get into it!



Alpaca yarn is one of my favorite yarns to crochet with because its super soft and durable. It keeps you warm, but doesn’t feel like its weighing you down. It has a great drape when crocheting garments as well.

I’m currently working on the Valentina crochet top and I’m using my alpaca yarn to create it. What’s great about this yarn is that its becoming more widely available. You can either buy it from one of the major yarn companies or even find it locally (depending on where you live).

I also like looking on Etsy for alpaca yarn and other natural fibers. You can also find alpaca yarn mixed in together with other fibers.

alpaca natural yarn fiber


Wool is another amazing natural fiber to crochet accessories and/or garments. It provides warmth and has a great elasticity to it. It also comes in many forms, it depends on the breed of sheep. Some wool is more softer than others.

wool natural fiber yarn

Lion Brand offers some great choices for wool yarn. They have wool blends, as well as pure 100 percent wool. I was recently gifted some gorgeous skeins of wool yarn. So check back soon to the blog and see what I will crochet with them.


Cotton is another one of my favorite yarns to work with. I live in a pretty hot climate year around, so cotton yarn is my go to yarn for a lot of different projects. Its strong and durable. Shows great texture and most importantly its nice and light, plus waterproof!

Cotton yarn can be found in any craft store, even some major chain stores. I love making dishcloths, scrubbies, granny squares, and tops with cotton yarns. There is an endless amount of possibilities with cotton yarn.

Here is a picture of the Circle of Friends crochet granny square I’m currently working on. You can find the post HERE

circle of friends crochet square


Linen yarn is a strong and durable yarn. Its a very light weight yarn and is great to use during the summer time. Linen yarn can be hard to work with at first, because it doesn’t have the elasticity like some yarns do. However, it works up beautifully. You just have to be careful that you pick the pieces to crochet.

Other Natural Fibers to Try!

  1. Bamboo
  2. Silk
  3. Mohair
  4. Cashmere

What are some of your favorite natural fibers to use in your crochet projects?

crocheting with natural yarn fibers

Happy Crocheting!