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Crochet Triangle Scarf – FREE PATTERN

Create a simple triangle crochet scarf using the basic stitches in crochet.

FREE CROCHET PATTERN for triangle crochet scarf

Hey Friends,

Just a quick question, do you ever just look at a crochet pattern and think “I really want to make that, but I don’t know how)? Yeah, me too! Like all the time. Specifically, when it comes to crocheting a triangle scarf.

There’s just something about it that makes it so confusing to me. So to come up with solution to my problem in wanting to make a basic triangle scarf. I watched videos and researched endlessly the fundamentals of crocheting a basic triangle scarf.

Well friends, I finally have a solution to my problem. I present to you my basic triangle scarf crochet pattern. If you’ve never made a triangle scarf before, but have been wanting too. Look no further, because this is the pattern you need to try. Seriously once you get the hang of it, it works up in a breeze.

You can even watch a movie while making it!


The triangle crochet scarf pattern is very simple to make. The only stitches you need to know are chain and single crochet. As you will see in the pattern and directions, you will increase the middle stitch by a multiple of 2 every other row. Pretty easy when you get the hang of it.

Basic Crochet Triangle Scarf

This is a great base pattern when making a triangle scarf, because there’s so many different things you could do with it. I encourage you to use this pattern and change the hook size and stitches. I think you’ll be amazed at what you can make. All you need to know are the fundamentals to a great crochet piece!

This is what the scarf looks like when you put it on.

As you can see, I added tassels to my crochet scarf. If you want to learn how to make tassels and add them on.

No worries, CLICK HERE I have a picture tutorial all about making tassels.


You can find the PDF version of this pattern HERE (full explanation)

Supplies Needed:

  • 3 Skeins of Worsted Weight Yarn ( I used Hobby Lobby Yarn Bee in Rustic Romantic). Approximately 684 yards.
  • Size J/10 (6.0 mm) crochet hook, or hook needed to obtain gauge.
  • Tapestry needle


12 stitches x 8 rows = 4 inches

Abbreviations: *Pattern written in standard US terms*
sts – stitches, ch – chain, sc – single crochet


  • Chains at beginning of row do not count as a stitch.
  • Any worsted weight yarn would work for this pattern.
  • Tassels are totally optional for this scarf. If you don’t know how to make a tassel or add it on, click here for a full picture tutorial.


Row 1: ch 3

Row 2: In 2nd ch from hook, sc across (2)

Row 3: ch1, turn, 2 sc in first sts. 2 sc in last stitch (4)

Row 4: ch1, turn, sc across (4) 

Row 5: ch1, turn, 2 sc in first sts, sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in last sts (6)

Row 6: ch1, turn, sc across (6)

Row 7: ch1, turn, 2 sc in first sts, sc in next 4 sts, 2 sc in last sts (8)

Row 8: ch1, turn, sc across (8)

Row 9: ch1, turn, 2 sc in first sts, sc in next 6 sts, 2 sc in last sts (10)

Row 8: ch1, turn, sc across (10)

Row 10: ch1, turn, 2 sc in first sts, sc in next 8 sts, 2 sc in last sts (12)

As you can see by the pattern, every other row increases by 2 in the middle and then the following row is a simple repeat of the previous row.

You want to do this until ROW 118, so your last row will be:

Row 118: ch1, turn, 2 sc in first sts, sc in next 114 sts, 2 sc in last sts (118)

When finished, fasten off and weave in all ends.

And there you have it! The cutest crochet triangle scarf!

Crochet Triangle Scarf Pattern

Happy Hooking!