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Crochet Plant Hangers – Free Tutorial and Pattern

These crochet plant hangers are sure to be a hit this summer! Learn how to make these easy crochet plant hangers using this free tutorial and pattern.

learn how to make a crochet plant hanger

A crochet plant hanger is the perfect thing to make this summer! This easy free crochet tutorial and pattern will show you how to make one in under 25 min. It doesn’t get any easier than that, so get your hook and yarn ready!

Scroll down for the tutorial and pattern on how to make these crochet plant hangers! Or keep on reading to find out the inspiration behind making these plant hangers.

crochet plant hangers, a free guided tutorial

Inspiration Behind The Crochet Plant Hangers

Have you ever walked into the garden section at the hardware store and noticed the beautiful hanging plants? The plants are usually hung from rope or twine in a metal type basket.

If so, then you’re probably like me and wondering how you could make one of these cute plant hangers for like half the price. Although they are super cute, they can also be quite pricey.

So as I was looking at these plant hangers at the store, I was thinking how I can make these really easy plant hangers that are fun and cheap to make? I also wanted them to have a coastal boho vibe. As i’ve been into that theme lately, if your into that too, check out the boho cotton coasters!

Last but not least, the plant hangers would need to be made using some form of crochet. As this is a blog all about crochet. So after doing a couple of stitched and making a couple of different crochet plant hangers. I think i’ve finally came up with something that is cute, simple, and literally can be made under 25 minutes.

Yarn Choice

So here’s the deal, I think pretty much any type of yarn will work for this project. In this tutorial and pattern i’m using twine rope, because I want a more coastal boho feel to my plant hanger. But i’m thinking Lion Brand 24/7 cotton would be another good choice for this project. It’s a mercerized cotton yarn.

I would definitely recommend a sturdier type of yarn. Different types of rope would be another good choice. So just experiment and see what works best. Let me know in the comment section what type of yarn, rope, or twine you are using. I would love to know!

So let’s get into this tutorial.

a free pattern for the crochet plant hanger



Create an easy crochet plant hanger for the summer time! This would make such a cute gift for family and friends too.


  • twine (used in project), rope or yarn.
  • 5mm crochet hook ( U.S./ size H)


The gauge is not needed for this project as it just contains chain stitches.


ch – chain


Size of finished plant hanger is 42 inches.


  • The crochet plant hanger is made using only chains and knots.
  • Twine yarn was used for the project. Any type of yarn or rope can be used, but you need to make sure its a sturdy type of yarn.



ch 116

finish and leave a 4 inch tail.

Once, you have completed making the 6 long chains. It’s time to move on to the knotting steps of this project.

Step 1:

Grab your 6 long chains and make a loop. You want to create the loop using the long tail ends of the chains.

Step 2:

Cut an additional piece of twine and tie it around the loop securely. Wrap the twine once more around the loop and tie it again. You can do this a few times to make sure its secure. Otherwise, cut off the remaining twine.

Now you’ve created a loop to hang on to a hook!
steps in making the plant hanger
Step 3:

Separate the twine evenly and tie knots between each strand. Starting from left to right. Once you have created one knot, tie another knot right under it.

Step 4:

Grab the outer edges of twine and tie 2 knots.

Step 5:

Finally, grab your plant and stick it in the plant holder. Making sure to hold the bottom of your plant, because the bottom is not secure yet. At this point check and see that the knots are around the pot.

Take your plant out of the plant holder and make two more knots with the remaining twine pieces.

Step 6:

Gather all the twine pieces together and tie two knots. Make sure the knots are secure. You may have to tie another knot. Finally grab your plant and put it in you new crochet plant holder!!

step 3 to plant hanger

And there you have it, you have your very own plant holder! You can also experiment and make an additional 2 chained ropes (a total of 8). Just follow the same technique and add additional knots.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know in the comment section if you plan on making one.


free tutorial and pattern for the plant hanger, crochet