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Crochet Beaded Anklets – Free Crochet Pattern

Create these easy crochet beaded anklets for the summer time. Learn how to make these beaded anklets with this free crochet pattern and tutorial.

crochet bead anklet free crochet pattern

Learn how to create some cute crochet beaded anklets for the summer time! This free crochet pattern and tutorial will show you how you can make these anklets in under hour.

Keep on reading for the inspiration behind these crochet beaded anklets or keep on scrolling to go to the pattern.


I’ve been making crochet beaded anklets for the longest time. I can remember making these every summer (in every color imaginable)! My mom used to buy me the friendship bracelet kits that you can buy at Michaels or Joanns and I would have a blast making these bracelets!

I would add all kinds of beads and charms. Did you get these too when you were a kid? Anyhow, now that i’m older, I still love making these type of bracelets and anklets. So not much has changed on that note.

As I was thinking about how to add a crochet twist to friendship bracelets, I thought why not make the base of the anklet using chains and then slowly adding in beads. Like I did with the original crochet beaded bracelets.

By doing this is adds a nice sturdy crochet base and it brings in the aspect of the friendship bracelet. Like a two in one. The great thing about these bracelets is that you can pretty much use any type of string.

Here are some of my favorite things to use to make these cute crochet beaded anklets:

  • Natural or colored twine
  • seed beads
  • charms
  • wooden beads
  • cotton yarn

As you can see the options are endless!

crochet beaded  anklet free crochet pattern

Can you imagine wearing these cute crochet beaded anklets at the beach. Funny story, but I actually made these at the beach. I love how easy they are to make, plus they literally take maybe 20 min.

So plenty of time to go splash in the water and read a good book. Where do you like to crochet?

crochet anklet beach scene


I wanted to provide some quick tips on where to buy your crochet beaded anklet supplies. I honestly had a lot of these things on hand because i’m always crafting something. But I would recommend checking out your local craft store or Michaels/Joann’s. Hobby Lobby also has a great jewelry supply section.

If you don’t have these stores nearby, you can always purchase them online or check out Etsy. Over the years, I’ve bought a lot of different beads from Etsy shops. I usually go on there when i’m looking for something special.

So I highly recommend checking them out.

Alright, so let’s get into the crochet beaded anklet tutorial.

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What You’ll Need :

  • natural or colored hemp yarn
  • beads ( size may vary, I used 15 beads total)
  • size C (3.0 mm) hook

Finished Size

I made a size small for my anklet.

To make it bigger – add more chains and additional beads.

To make it smaller – add less chains and less beads.


  • ch – chain

Bead Anklet Pattern:

Grab your beads and string on a total of 15 beads.

Once the beads are strung on on your string (yarn, twine)

ch (3), grab one of the beads on your string and make a chain

***the photo below might help for better visualization***

close up tutorial, crochet anklets free pattern

then ch (3) , bead, ch (3) and continue to do this until you get your desired length.

My anklet in total was 15 beads, so 45 chains in total for my anklet. When you’re finished with the anklet and like the size, close the chain off by looping it through and cut and tie the end to your ankle.

You can also make another anklet using no beads and chaining till your desired length.

As shown in the photo below, I sed a multi colored twine yarn without beads. There is an endless amount of options when it comes to crocheting beaded anklets.

crochet bead anklets, beach towel in back

And that’s a wrap ( bad pun right)! But seriously its that easy. I hope you enjoyed making these crochet beaded anklets and don’t forget to PIN IT and share with your friends.

Have a beautiful day!



crochet bead anklet, close up of crochet anklet