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Chunky Ribbed Men’s Crochet Scarf – Free Pattern

Looking to make a crochet scarf for a guy? Well, look no further, this free crochet scarf pattern for men is easy and fun to make! It’s cozy, textured, and perfect to use when it’s cold outside.

It’s also made using only two stitches, so you’ll have this pattern done in no time! And if you’re looking for another men’s scarf pattern, then check out this other chunky scarf pattern or this roundup post filled with different scarves for all the guys in your family.

You can find the free crochet scarf pattern + video tutorial down below or continue to read through some of the inspiration behind my latest design.

Model is wearing a guy's crochet scarf that uses Lion Brand Hue + Me yarn, which is a bulky weight yarn.

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Classic Ribbed Men’s Crochet Scarf

My latest design and free pattern on the blog is a chunky crochet scarf for men. It’s simple, ribbed, classic, and looks totally knitted.

This manly crochet scarf uses a bulky weight yarn and an 8.0 mm crochet hook. It uses only two stitches and can be made in just a few hours.

It makes the perfect cozy warm gift for the man in your life. My husband totally loved this scarf and couldn’t believe it was crochet. I plan on making him a few more in different colors for the wintertime.

Model is wearing a classic chunky ribbed crochet scarf.

A Crochet Men’s Scarf That Looks Knit

Lately, I’ve been into crochet stitches that look like knitting. I just love how you can create a knit effect by simply picking up a crochet hook.

So when I was designing this men’s crochet scarf pattern, I knew that I wanted to incorporate one of these knit-like crochet stitches. My goal for this pattern was to crochet a classic ribbed scarf that was simple and could be worn with anything.

I also wanted it to be very versatile so I just stuck with the one color. It makes the perfect gentleman’s scarf!

model is wearing a long ribbed men's crochet scarf in the color fatigues a Hue + Me Lion Brand yarn

The Length of This Men’s Scarf

The length of this chunky men’s crochet scarf is 70 inches long and 6 1/2 inches wide. It’s long enough to be wrapped around twice, but short enough to fit in your jacket comfortably.

How to make a longer crochet scarf?

If you need to adjust the length of a scarf to make it longer or shorter, all you need to do is adjust the number of starting chains. You also need to take count of the multiple for the stitches used in the pattern.

So to make it longer, add additional chains, and to make it shorter, decrease the number of chains.

For this crochet men’s scarf, there is no multiple, so you can start with any chain amount. Once you’ve decided the chain amount then just follow the pattern as is.

Gentleman is wearing a ribbed crochet scarf that is wrapped around his neck.

The Yarn You’ll Need for This Ribbed Crochet Scarf

For this free crochet scarf pattern, you will need 2 balls of Lion Brand Hue + Me yarn in the color Fatigues. It’s a bulky weight blended yarn that’s made from acrylic and wool.

I loved using this yarn for this pattern and highly recommend it. But you can use any bulky weight yarn for this scarf. I chose to work with a beautiful deep green color, but there is 18 colors total, so you can totally choose a different one. What’s great about this yarn line is that all the colors match beautifully together.

So if you were to make this scarf in two colors, I think it would look very good. What are your favorite colors in this yarn line?

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models are wearing different crochet scarves.
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A guy is wearing a classic ribbed crochet scarf on the beach.

Free Men’s Crochet Scarf Pattern


Make an easy crochet scarf for all the guys in your family with this free pattern. This crochet scarf for men is cozy, textured, and chunky. With its simple design and easy-flowing stitches, it’s sure to become a favorite.

Down below you’ll find links on where to purchase the pattern, and where to save it to for future reference.

  • Purchase an ad-free, printable, PDF pattern HERE.
  • Add this pattern to your Ravelry queue HERE.



8 stitches x 8 rows = 4″ inch square in half double slip stitch back loop.


ch – chain: Yarn over, pull through loop on hook.

sc – single crochet: Insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull through, yarn over and pull through last two loops on hook.

hdc sl st bl– half double crochet slip stitch back loop: yarn over, insert hook into back loop, yarn over and pull through stitch, then pull through last 2 loops on hook. (Check out the images down below on how to make this stitch).

Image shows step 1 of how to make a crochet stitch that looks like knitting.
Image shows step 2 of how to make a crochet stitch that looks like knitting.
Image shows step 3 of how to make a crochet stitch that looks like knitting.
A completed half double crochet slip stitch in the back loop.

Size of Scarf:

70″ inches long.

6 1/2″ inches wide.

Pattern Notes:

  • Pattern written in U.S. Terms.
  • ch 1 does not count as a stitch.
  • Total stitches for row are indicated between ( )


ch 175

Row 1: In second ch from hook, work 1 sc and continue to make a sc in each chain till the end of the row. Turn. (174)

Image shows the first row in the scarf crochet pattern for men.

Row 2: ch 1, hdc sl st bl in the first stitch and across till the end of the row. Turn. (174)

Image shows the second row of the scarf pattern for men.

Row 3 – Row 13 : Repeat row 2.

Finish off and weave in ends.

Voila, you’re done!

I hope you enjoyed making this crochet scarf pattern. I would love to know what color you’re making your scarf in, so if you want too, make sure to leave a comment down below.

And don’t forget to share and save this post with others!

A guy is wearing a handmade crochet scarf that is textured.

Melanie Newton

Friday 12th of January 2024

Thank you for the easy-to-follow pattern! I made one in just a few hours using a two-strand combo of blue and pink.


Monday 15th of January 2024

You're welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed the pattern. I love how you used two different colored yarns.


Monday 20th of November 2023

Hi there - new to crochet. I have some yarn that states it needs 4.5-5mm hook and says 18-20sts. It doesn’t say weight or thickness (bought from a yarn store- highland alpaca worsted. Can I still use this pattern? Thanks


Tuesday 21st of November 2023

Hi there, I would make a quick gauge swatch of the stitch used in the pattern with the yarn that you have and see how it compares. This will give you a good overview to see if the yarn will work with the pattern. You might have to adjust your hook size.


Tuesday 18th of October 2022

Can I use a foundation sc for the chain and R1 instead of doing two steps?


Tuesday 18th of October 2022

Hi there, you can definitely do a foundation single crochet row for the chain and first row. 😊


Friday 19th of November 2021

Love this men’s ribbed scarf pattern. I made one for my husband in Arrow wood and one for my son in fatigues. Thank you.


Sunday 21st of November 2021

Thank you! Oh that's wonderful :) I'm so glad you enjoyed making the pattern.