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Best Yarn Tips for Crochet Beginners

A list of tips for the best the yarn to pick out as a new crocheter. This list describes the best yarn to use a beginner crocheter.

Hey friends! Here’s a list of the best yarns to use as a crochet beginner.

So have you ever picked out a yarn at the craft store thinking “this yarn is so pretty, I need to make something with it!” only to realize that it’s super hard to work with and it’s just not working.

Yeah, me too! it happens all the time.

Well no worries, i’ve come up with some tips on the best yarns to use for crochet beginners. Plus, some tips in general when picking out yarn. I know when I first started crocheting, I picked out the wrong yarn way to many times. But it’s good to experiment too sometimes.

So, let’s get into these tips!

1) Fiber Type

With so many different fiber types being offered it can sometimes be hard to choose which ones to use. This of course depends on the project, as well as the season. I tend to use wool in the winter time, and cotton in the summer time. I like to use acrylic yarn all year around because I think its a great yarn to work with. Plus, acrylic yarn is sold just about everywhere and its affordable!

Fibers I like to use:

Acrylic: Very easy to work with and can be found anywhere.

Cotton: Easy to work with and also perfect for lighter projects during the summer time.

Wool: Warm and Cozy yarn. A little bit more on the expensive side though.

2) Weight of the Yarn

Yarn weights are offered in a lot of different sizes. Ranging from 0 (lace) to 7 (jumbo). I like working with number 4 and 5 type of yarns. I find that these yarns are the easiest to work with as a beginner in my experience. Especially, the bulky(5) because it works up fairly quickly.

Weights of yarn:
#4 medium weight (worsted).

#5 bulky weight (chunky).

Check out the CraftyYarnCouncil website here about all the different yarn weights. This website is a great tool to use because it has loads of information on yarn.

3) Color of Yarn

I wasn’t sure if I should mention this tip, but I think it’s an important tip for a crochet beginner. Some colors work better than others when first starting to crochet. For example, when your first begin you might find it hard to see and count your stitches. So you would want to go with lighter color yarns, instead of darker ones.

When picking lighter yarn, try to stay away from white or light yellow. Same thing with darker colors, try not to pick black, dark green, or dark blue.

Also, try sticking to the more basic yarns, without a lot of texture. So I wouldn’t pick anything fuzzy or hairy. Those yarns are really pretty to use, but maybe not for a beginner. You kind of have to feel were your stitches are when using them.

4) Cost

The last tip worth mentioning is the cost of yarn. Yarn prices can vary a lot, this of course depends on the fiber of yarn. I like using acrylic and cotton yarns. Easy to work with and affordable. I know that I mentioned wool earlier, but its more on the expensive side. I usually wait for those special projects during winter time.

Red Heart Yarn – offers amazing acrylic yarn. Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn – Cotton Yarns (wide variety). Lion Brand Yarn – Wool yarn.

I hope these tips help you as a beginner crocheter or maybe even a more experienced one. Most of all, have fun with crochet!! It’s ok to experiment and pick different yarns. That’s what I did in the beginning and I learned a whole lot.

As long as your enjoying what your doing, that’s all that matters.
Happy Hooking!