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5 Best Free Crochet Pumpkin Patterns

Here is a quick list of free crochet pumpkin patterns to make during fall time. Homemade crochet pumpkins add the perfect touch to any fall decorated home.

Best free crochet pumpkin patterns

Fall is upon us friends!

Today, I have a super fun filled post for you. I’m rounding up my favorite free crochet pumpkin patterns that i’ve seen floating around Pinterest. I’ve made quite a few pumpkins already for my home and figured you might like to make some as well.

What’s great about these patterns is that there all for free. All you need is your favorite hook, some yarn, fiber-fill, and some embellishments for the stem.

Let’s get started!

  1. The first pumpkin pattern on the list can actually be found here on the blog. This pattern takes about 45 minutes to make and all you need to know is chain and single crochet. CLICK HERE to make them.
Free pumpkin crochet pattern

2. The next two free pumpkin patterns are by Megmadewithlove. The first on is a mini plaid pumpkin and the second one is a big pumpkin.

CLICK HERE to make this version

3. And click here to make the bottom version. Meg has the cutest crochet patterns on her blog, so definitely it out!

Free Crochet Pumpkin Pattern - Megmade with Love

4. The fourth free pumpkin pattern is by Hooked On Tilly Life. These pumpkins are so cute! I love the ribbed look on these pumpkins. Get the free pattern by CLICKING HERE.

5. The last free pumpkin pattern is by Cynthia Banessa. I love how she create a crochet stem and leaf on these pumpkins. CLICK HERE to make them.


I hope you enjoyed reading through these free crochet pumpkin patterns.

What are some of your favorite crochet pumpkin patterns to make?

Happy Hooking!