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How to Add Tassels to a Crochet Blanket

Learn how to make and add tassels to any crochet blanket. This quick step-by-step tutorial will show you how to attach tassels to any crochet project.

I’m a huge fan of tassels and love adding them to my crochet projects. I think they add the perfect finishing touch and I’ve found quite a few different ways on how to attach them to a project.

Whether its a crochet blanket or a crochet scarf, this method will work for any project!

a crochet shell stitch baby blanket with 2 bamboo cotton yarn tassels on a white surface

How to Make a Tassel

The first thing that we need to do is make a tassel. There are a couple of different ways to make a tassel, but I love doing it this way. You’ll need some yarn, a small to medium size book, and a pair of scissors.

Let’s get started!

Step 1:

Wrap your yarn around the book 30 times or continue wrapping if you want a chunky tassel. The more yarn you wrap around the book, the thicker the tassel will be.

Step 2:

Gently remove the wrapped yarn of the book. Cut an additional piece of yarn and put it under the yarn that you just removed from the book ( approx.  1/2″ from the top). Once you have the yarn underneath the bunched up yarn, you want to tie a knot to secure it. This will create a loop on top (hole).

Step 3:

Finally, cut all the bottom loops and trim the yarn so it’s perfectly even.

Lastly, cut an additional piece of string and loop it through the top of the tassel. This string is used to attach the tassel to a crochet project.

4 handmade tassels on a white surface using Lion Brand Coboo yarn

Once the tassels are made for our project, its time to add them to our crochet blanket. The steps down below will explain how to attach them to a crochet blanket or any other crochet project. There’s also a guided video tutorial for extra help!

Check out Jewels and Jones YouTube Channel for more crochet videos.

How to Add Tassels to a Crochet Blanket

All you need for this next step is your tassel and a darning needle.

Step 1:

Insert one strand of yarn from the top of your tassel through the darning needle. This strand of yarn should be connected to the crochet blanket. The other strand of yarn should be on the side of the tassel.

Step 2:

Lastly, grab both strands of yarn and tie a couple of knots. You want to make sure that your tassel is nice and secure.

Finally, weave in your ends and cut the rest of the yarn.

Video Tutorial: How to Add a Tassel to a Crochet Blanket

Adding Tassels to Other Crochet Projects

The one thing that I love about tassels is that you can add them to a variety of different crochet projects. All you need to do is follow the method above and you’re good to go!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tassel tutorial and don’t forget to PIN IT for later.

Free Crochet Patterns with Tassels

4 different pictures of free crochet blanket patterns
  1. Shell Stitch Baby Blanket – Crochet an easy shell stitch baby blanket with this free crochet pattern! This beginner crochet baby blanket is perfect for all genders.
  2. Simple Crochet Blanket – The perfect beginner-friendly crochet blanket! This pattern uses only a one-stitch repeat.
  3. Eta Baby Blanket – Combine simple stitches to create a timeless baby blanket that is perfect for a little girl or boy. The Eta baby blanket is a beginner friendly crochet pattern. It features cozy cotton, thick stripes, and tassels.
  4. Granny Square Blanket – A fun crochet granny square blanket using the Circle of Friends crochet motif.

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this picture is showing with arrows how to add tassels to a blanket