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How to Make Your Own Crochet PDF Patterns to Sell

Learn in this tutorial how to create your own crochet PDF pattern to sell.

Have you ever thought about creating your own crochet patterns and selling them? If that answer is a yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Keep on reading to find out 2 FREE ways you can make a PDF crochet pattern.

how to create your crochet pdf pattern to sell

When I first began to think about creating and selling my own patterns, I looked endlessly online for information on how to do this. Some of the information that I came across didn’t make a lot of sense to me and it mentioned certain programs that you could purchase.

Being a total newbie and not wanting to spend a lot of money, I figured there would have to be another way to create these crochet patterns.

So my goal in writing this blog post is to save you the many hours that I went through to create your very crochet pdf pattern.

2 different methods

Method 1: Google Drive

The first method that I recommend is creating a pdf pattern in Google Drive. What I like about creating PDF files in Google Drive is that it’s so fast and easy. You can even create your own template for a PDF pattern and then continue to use that template for all your other patterns.

Step 1:

Click New (top left corner) – Click Google Docs – Click Blank Document

Step 2:

Create Crochet Pattern

Step 3:

Click File (top left corner) – Click Download – Scroll down and save as PDF document

how to make your own crochet pdf pattern to sell

Step 4:

Once you have saved your PDF crochet pattern, all that’s left to do is upload it to your shop.

Method 2: Canva

The second method that can be really fun to use is Canva. You can use Canva for so many different things. There is free version and a paid version. You can create the pdf pattern using the free version. All you have to is sign up and click free version.

Step 1:

Log in to Canva

Step 2:

Click Create Design (top left corner) – Click Ebook Cover

create a pdf crochet pattern using canva

Step 3:

Create a cover for you pattern. I like to add the title and picture on the first page. After this part is done, click the + sign on top right corner of template (this adds a new page).

Step 4:

Create your crochet pattern.

Step 5: When you’re done, click download and save to your crochet pattern file on your computer. All that’s left to do is upload it to your shop.

NOTE: I like using the ebook cover method, but you can always try out different designs, like A4 document for instance, to create your PDF pattern.

how to make and sell your own crochet pdf pattern

I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial on how to create an easy crochet pdf pattern to make and sell. Watch out for another post coming soon on what to include in your crochet PDF pattern to sell.

-Happy Crocheting!