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Crochet Shell Stitch Infinity Scarf – Free Pattern

Learn how to make this fun and easy crochet infinity scarf using the shell stitch. This free crochet pattern is cozy, cute, and perfect for fall time!

All you need to make this simple crochet scarf is some worsted weight yarn and a 5.0 mm crochet hook.

Scroll down for the free pattern + guided video tutorial or continue to read through some of the details behind my latest design.

A crochet infinity scarf that's made using the shell stitch.

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Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

My latest free pattern is a super cozy crochet infinity scarf using the shell stitch. It’s a fun quick scarf pattern that’s made using beginner-friendly stitches and worsted weight yarn.

It’s a great piece to add to your fall wardrobe! Just imagine wearing this cozy scarf, with your warm coat, while sipping your favorite hot beverage (I love a good chai latte).

Can you tell I’m ready for fall?! But seriously, definitely give this pattern a go if you’re looking to make a crochet infinity scarf.

A free crochet shell stitch scarf pattern.

Plus, there’s also a guided video tutorial. So you can always check that out first to see if it’s something you would like to make.

Crochet Shell Stitch

One thing that I love about this infinity scarf pattern is that it’s made using the shell stitch. I think shell stitches are so pretty and they create such a lovely fabric.

The best part is that there’s a variety of different shell stitches. I used the full shell stitch for this pattern, but for my shell stitch baby blanket pattern, I used the open shell stitch.

So it’s pretty neat to see how you can crochet this stitch in so many ways.

How to crochet an infinity scarf?

For this crochet pattern, you will first start by making a long crochet scarf using the shell stitch.

Then you will put the two edges of the scarf on top of each other and seam them together using the whipstitch method.

That’s it. At this point, all you have to do is work in any remaining ends.

So it’s a pretty basic pattern. Perfect for beginners!

A crochet shell stitch infinity scarf on a hanger.

What type of yarn do I need to make this scarf?

For this pattern, you’ll need about 500 yards of worsted weight yarn. I actually used a yarn that I found at my local second-hand shop.

I personally couldn’t believe that I found it, it was 4 perfectly intact skeins of natural wool and cotton yarn. Have you ever found yarn at the thrift store?

So the yarn that I used for this pattern is Yarns Brunswick Berber Tweed in the color Birch Bark. It’s a wool/cotton mix with thick and thin strands of yarn.

Since I found this yarn at a second-hand shop and it seems to be discontinued, I can’t recommend it. So here are some other options I found online that you can use.

Or you can use any other worsted weight yarn that you have on hand.

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A free crochet scarf pattern that uses the shell stitch.

Crochet Shell Stitch Infinity Scarf Pattern


Add some cozy charm to your fall wardrobe by making this cute crochet infinity scarf. This beginner-friendly pattern is made with worsted weight yarn and uses basic crochet stitches.

It also includes a step-by-step video tutorial which can be found in the notes section of this pattern.

  • Purchase an ad-free, printable, PDF pattern HERE.
  • Add this pattern to your Ravelry queue HERE.


  • 2 skeins of Yarns Brunswick Berber Tweed in the color Birch Bark (Weight 4/ 3.5 oz, 250 yards), a total of 500 yards or you can use another number 4 worsted weight yarn (see yarn section in post for other options).
  • 5.0 mm (H) Crochet Hook.
  • Darning Needle.
  • Measuring Tape.
  • Scissors.


4 shell (rows) x 4 shell stitches = 4″ inch square.

Size of infinity scarf: 62 inches long.


ch – chain: Yarn over, pull through loop on hook.

sc – single crochet: Insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull through, yarn over and pull through last two loops on hook.

dc – double crochet: Yarn over, insert hook into stitch and pull through, yarn over and pull through first two loops on hook, yarn over and pull through last two loops on hook. 

shell stitch – shell: Make 5 double crochets in one stitch to form a shell.

sk – skip

Pattern Notes:

  • Pattern written in U.S Terms.
  • Ch 3 counts as a double crochet throughout the pattern.
  • Infinity scarf is worked by first making a long scarf. The scarf is then seamed together at the edges using the whipstitch method to form an infinity scarf.


Ch 38

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, *sk 2 ch, Shell in next ch, sk 2 ch, sc in next ch, rep from * across.

Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as dc throughout), turn, 2 dc in first sc, *sk 2 dc, sc in next dc, sk 2 dc**, shell in next sc, rep from * across, ending last rep at **, 3 dc in last sc.

Row 3: Ch 1, turn, sc in first dc, *sk 2 dc, Shell in next sc, sk 2 dc, sc in next dc, rep from * across, placing last sc in turning chain, turn.

Row 4 – Row 121: Alternate between row 2 and row 3.

Row 122: ch 1, turn, make 1 sc in the first stitch and across till end of row.

Finish off, but leave a long tail-end. The tail end will be used to seam the 2 sides of the scarf together.

How to Seam Your Scarf Together

Step 1: Grab one side of your scarf and lay it on top of the other side of your scarf.

Image shows the back and front of a crochet scarf.

Step 2: Grab your darning needle and insert your tail-end through. Then starting on the right corner, whipstitch the sides of your scarf together.

How to seam your two ends together on your scarf.

Step 3: Tie a knot when you have seamed the sides together and work in your remaining ends.

You’re finished! Enjoy your new crochet infinity scarf.

A shell stitch crochet infinity scarf wrapped on a hanger.